Hot Runner Monitor newLine

  • Hot Runner Monitor newLine


    Leaks often occur in complex moulds with hot runner technology.

    The moulding material flows through a defect in the hot runner system into the rear mould technology. The causes of this are diverse and difficult to determine in advance.

    We offer a technically high value, international patented simple functioning device, which is helpful for determing the causes and considerably reduces consequential costs.

    Prevent high consequential costs and expensive downtimes –

    We have the solution for every application!

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The Hot Runner Monitor newLine is convincing with ist low investment costs and cost-effective low-maintenance operation.

The HRM improves efficiency with clearly lower repair costs, faster mould availibility in production checks of repair success in the production. The innovative touch panel technology unifies intuitive handling with clearly laid out presentation of all relevant data.

The upgrading and installation of the HRM is realizable without any problems – in new hot runner systems and moulds as well as in existing ones. 

  • Air pressure 3…10bar
  • Leackage detection via pressure difference messuring
  • Any number of monitoring points due to the modular system
  • Simple operation
  • Upgrading possible at any time

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