Standard Warranty Period

Product type

Standard Warranty Period

A, H, P, V, C, TC-series Signal Temperature Controller. 1 year + 2 months (Delivery days).

TC50, TC500, TC5100, TC5200 Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller.

2 years + 2 months (Delivery days). Exclude parts warranty: Human machine interface (HMI) is 1 year.

TC5-series Hot Runner Temperature Controller Module(TC5E/5F/5H/5M/5S/5V/5T).

1 year + 2 months (Delivery days).

AR series Controller (AR800/810, AR1210/1260, AR1860, AR2000/2010/2100)

18 months + 2 months (Delivery days)

MDM / OEM products According to the contract

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